Day 1: Mapping The State

Welcome to part 1 of my mapping the state blog. This blog is part of a series analysing the Irish Sate.

This is formal framework of the Irish Government, which details the connections between the people and their government.

The People

The people directly elect the most important members of the Irish State; Such as, European Parliament, Local Government and The Oireachtas.

European Parliament & Local Government

European Parliament and Local Government are accountable to the people, which means they must answer to the people based on the actions they take.

The President, Dail Eireann and The Seanad make up The Oireachtas.

The President

The President signs off on laws nominated by the Oireachtas and appoints the Courts and the Government.

The Courts

The courts are accountable to The Oireachtas, they must answer to The Oireachtas based on their actions.

The Government

The Taoiseach nominates the Ministers and Junior Ministers, Dail Eireann then votes on them and when they are accepted they drive out to the Phoenix Park and are appointed by the President.

Dail Eireann & The Taoiseach

Dail Eireann nominates the Taoiseach and the Taoiseach in turn appoints the Ministers and Ministers of State.

The Public Service

The Public Service are government workers that are accountable to the Ministers of State and The Government.





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